Is this Champagne for children?! (Esiste lo Champagne per bambini?!)

(ENG version    —    segue versione ITA)

Curiosities form the world…

We all know how much protective of the “Champagne” brand is the relative french Comité so they often bring someone to the court for abuse of the word “Champagne”.

Lately they argued about a spanish product for children called “Champín”: the french Comité fear someone could get confused thinking it is produced in Champagne area!

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How old is old for a vine? (Quanto vecchia deve essere una vigna per essere… vecchia?)

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I like to launch some notes about this controversial aspect as many producers and enologists say that best wine are produced from oldest plots!

But.. how old? Unfortunately, there’s not a regulated definition of “old vine” and commercial reality dictates that vines should be regularly replaced also because older vines need more work for less yield.

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